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Lifestyle & Portrait Photographer


Telling stories and creating images that connect people to each other, themselves and the world around us is my passion.


I’ve spent years as a writer, marketer and traveling across the globe; it was when I was living and working in Beijing that I first picked up a camera. At the time, it was a place that felt so far away and so challenging to put into words, my experiences needed to be documented in another way.


After traveling through Asia, Europe and Africa, I returned to the States and realized I had missed photographing some of the most important moments of my life abroad. The unfamiliar had too easily become the everyday. I grew so accustomed to life in foreign places, that I had forgotten to photograph some of the most curiously charming, wonderful aspects of my daily routines. Today, that feeling inspires me and informs every photograph I take. Because no matter where you find yourself, there is magic worth capturing forever. And funny enough, often those moments happen every single day, right under our noses.


I'm currently based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I grew up here and have a deep affinity for Midwest autumns, the Great Lakes and wild, scenic spaces. I'm constantly finding new spaces in a place that never gets old. I also travel throughout the Midwest for family sessions. I look forward to finding the newest perfect place to capture your moments. ~ Kate

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